Kathy Piper Photography

About Us

Kathy Piper Photography, located in Carthage, Tennessee, specializes in photographically capturing your life’s most precious moments.  Whether you are getting married or graduating high school, Kathy Piper can be there to professionally secure those moments you want to keep for generations to come.  Having the option of shooting in her recently remodeled 1200 square-foot studio gives an element not available to the location-only photographer. She loves to shoot under studio lighting but also radiates in the many locations she has been given the opportunity to visit.  Location shooting adds a personal element to many of her sessions.

My experiences have led me to believe photography is an art.  There is an art to capturing a tear slowly trickling down the face of a father about to walk his daughter down the aisle. It’s capturing that gentle hand holding the new baby that makes a parent feel so vulnerable and responsible. Photographic art is capturing that split second when that new born baby girl smiles as her daddy places her on his shoulder. It’s capturing that smile of anticipation and curiosity of what the world holds for a senior outside of the confines of high school. Photographic art is capturing that moment when after years of practice the young athlete throws the perfect pitch to seal the victory of a hard fought game. It is taking an image of a child no longer with us in body and placing his last image in just the right location in a family session to bring him back to us for a split second.  It’s capturing that autistic child’s precious eyes that are so filled with energy and wonder.

You see, photography is not something I do just because I love it. I shoot because I need to.  I want to. It’s an intricate part of who I am.  I have evolved into a photographer on purpose.  As time has passed and my family has gotten older, I realized that not shooting was not an option for my life.  In 2003 I realized I needed to further my business degree from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville with additional education in photography.  I went back to school at Nashville State Community College for two years and expanded my knowledge of the technical side of photography.

I have thought many times that I should “specialize” in one area and market myself as a specific type of photographer. However, that’s not who I am!  I love a challenge!  I love trying new things! I love expanding my abilities. I love the different aspects of photography, and I love the fact that shooting all types of images keeps me sharp and always questioning what works.

Enjoy browsing my site!!  Can’t wait to hear from you!